I have no need of me


Somewhere in the place twixt sleep and awake

Somewhere in a world without heartache

Fix your eyes on the stars and keep going ’til I break

Unhook! Unhook!

Or this will make me pay.


Lost within the guiles of my own mind

Charming me with dreams I wish defined

My future, but my path’s already signed

Unhook! Unhook!

Could this lead you astray?


It’s likely overreaction to your care

‘Gainst life, offset, so bright but going nowhere

For now, I’m jealous – I don’t want to share

Unhook! Unhook!

What toll will this make us pay?


Just let me be a child with wayward heart

Let me indulge in all that you impart

Just wait – I’m not yet ready to restart

Unhook! Unhook!

I’m lost, but I don’t want to find my way.


10 comments on “Unhook

  1. Beautiful, Lizzi. xo

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  2. henriettamross14 says:


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  3. newworldmom says:

    So gorgeous, I needed to read this tonight. ❤

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  4. ivywalker says:

    THe whole thing very cool… well done… the last two lines in each stanza… I went back and read them without the rest… such a skillful progression on your part that they can even stand alone!

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