Reality checks



Times inside my mind spent

In glorious, sun-kissed haze

Turning everything around me

Alight, on fire, ablaze

The teenager I never was

Is reveling in these days

But reality checks and everything crashes down.


My heart begins to sparkle

On the edge of fantasy

Oh, the distance I would cross

To make you real to me

Our lives could be so perfect

And love win, eventually

Then reality checks, and everything crashes down.


Not ready to relinquish yet

This silly, pointless game

Let me imagine holding you

And whispering your name

Let me conceive of happiness

In light; in love – insane

Reality checks – and everything’s crashing down.


No more, no more! I’ll check these thoughts

Lest I get too confused

If you could only read my mind

You’d be…alarmed? Amused?

I’ll cling to this – our futures

Are in someway, somehow fused

Reality checked – already t’was all crashed down.


8 comments on “Reality checks

  1. “our futures

    Are in someway, somehow fused

    Reality checked – already t’was all crashed down.”

    How well I know this feeling. If only we had known then what we know now, would we still choose the life we did? Or, if knowing the future, would we then choose the longer or the quicker path to it? Would we even want it still if we knew it?
    Reality check-everything crashes at some point.

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  2. ivywalker says:

    Forgive me for saying but “You got it bad, girl.” Or at least you HAD it bad… All these are pretty much thematic it seems … yes?

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    • lrconsiderer says:

      I had it SO bad! Walked around for a couple of weeks, barely breathing, with one person stuck front-and-centre in my mind, knowing all the time that there was only futility and idiocy, and that I’d never ever do anything about it, because I somehow found someone with far too many limiting factors to fall for. STILL. I think I’m pretty much mostly over it now.



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