#NaPoWriMo When you have something Precious

You know shes a diamond and shes constantly undersold

Such a Precious wonder that I won’t ever let her go
Even though I know that common sense might tell me so
So fragile of heart, but full ofΒ  wonderful fight
Never ready to let you love her
(Though she’ll love you right)

She’s always ready to shout, encourage, cheer
Turning up the music to hide her deafened ears
You could have her for an hour but not to hold
Always verging on eruption
She might lash out and leave you cold

Everything’s gonna be alright
Rockabye, rockabye…

She’ll leave you abandoned in a place that can’t exist
Continue her life as though you’d never be missed
Parading her heart so shiny like fool’s gold
Though you know it’s a diamond
And she’s constantly undersold

She can smash you to pieces but never quite meet your eye
Her armour’s a fiction; it takes so little to make her cry
Somewhere there’s a small scar beneath her mouth
Where the final nail of pain drove in
And the last bit of innocence bled out

Everything’s gonna be alright
Rockabye, rockabye…

If she likes you she’ll make it her pleasure to lift you higher
The heat of her affection makes you the bright guy on top of the fire
But if you try to hold her too long she’ll wriggle away
The brash and the flashy are safer
The still and the small and quiet leave her deadly afraid

She has a hundred facets and many are set to amuse
She’s a hall of mirrors and loves to keep you confused
But if you get beyond the glass and the smoke you’ll see
Her beautiful heart and mind
And how she yearns for safety

Everything’s gonna be alright
Rockabye, rockabye…

If you earn her loyalty she’ll be with you forever
A long-haul friend who’ll let you face life together
Somehow the broken pieces between you fit right in
And you hope that one day you can hold her
Can still her, and tell her that Love wins

Everything’s gonna be alright
Rockabye, rockabye…

Everything’s gonna be alright
Rockabye, rockabye…rockabye.



Our prompt for today was to write a review. I wanted to, and I kinda did – it’s a review of a friendship which means an awful lot to me, but which is with someone as complex as she is wonderful. Today I was stilled by something, and unable to respond adequately. It’s taken until now to work through that, and I didn’t want to stymie what matters (my response) by adhering too strongly to a prompt. So we’ll call it poetic license and be content.


19 comments on “#NaPoWriMo When you have something Precious

  1. qwietpleez says:

    As it always is . . . beautiful.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh. It’s stunning. It’s magnificantabulous. I want to give a hug right now.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Samara says:

    And now I am the one who is silenced.

    If our hearts really ARE hard wired, then I don’t need to say anything right now.

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  4. Cindy says:

    Oh, Lizzi, how bright you shine with your words!! I love to read your beautiful words and images. IO am so lucky and grateful to have met you (in word format). I was just thinking of the friendship of four musketeers. Thank you for your friendship and words. Being a poet sometimes is lonely, especially when your are one of the only poet around your personal space. It nice to be able to share what being a poet means with like minded folk. So, thank you!! ~BIG DRAGON HUGS~ I send my love out to you and may that help brighten your days!!

    I can tell this is an important poem and your have done it justice, as you have with all of your other poems!! Well written Lady Bard!!

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    • lrconsiderer says:

      THANK YOU, my dear Dragon-lady. I’m so glad to have met you, too, and haven’t we had such a lot of FUN on this journey through the month! I’m going to miss it so much, and I think we should somehow continue our four musketeersiness and KEEP POEMING because…it matters. It counts. And I don’t like to think of losing it.

      And thank you – I feel pleased with this one.


  5. ivywalker says:

    Wow….oh wow……amazing. I want you to know I read your poems everymmorning but being a lazy sleazeball dont get on my computer to comment. Stupid phone. But you my dear bard are an amazing. …did I say fantabulously amazing poet. This month has been such a treat! Xo me

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  6. Linda Kay says:

    Interesting composition for your writing today. Thanks for sharing.

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  7. […] Please go read the full poem of When You Have Something Precious. For me, it speaks about all the women I am honoured to call my […]



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