#NaPoWriMo I’ve Got a Blank Space, Baby

Play with words

Captain Nemo:
To him I go
Any other I write
Would’st ire incite

00NaPoWriMo15Today’s prompt was to write a clerihew – a short-and-sweet quatrain with a person’s name at the start of it. There was something to do with line length (maybe) and suggestions as to whom we might consider worthy of a place in our poem.

Which sucked, because there are SO MANY to whom I would have front and centre-stage in my poem:

Rod – who writes so bravely and with such love

Cindy – who has FUN, and promotes others so beautifully

Jesi – who writes real and raw and beautiful

Scott – who can write the depths and breadths of life

Beth – who doesn’t write nearly enough poetry, but can STUN me with her words

Hasty – who *is* my heart

…but in being stymied I shall invite you – make a difference with words -write free, and write real. It matters.


2 comments on “#NaPoWriMo I’ve Got a Blank Space, Baby

  1. Captain Nemo. LoL Perfect. You, my fantastic friend, nearly received one about you.

    Lizzi Rogers
    Handles dodgy spiders
    Who go to market in a bag.
    If it had a tail, it’d wag.

    I was rolling at your spider story. Remind me some day to tell you about my spider story. 😉

    Liked by 1 person


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