#NaPoWriMo Give Me That Earth

Sometimes Magic Happens

Soy un perdedor

Green things growing and the scent of soil
Raindrops flowing
Back-breaking toil
Gardening hard
To fight back the weeds
Tilling the earth
Preparing for seeds

I’m a loser baby

Sunrise, sunset, light in between
Ready? Not yet
Branches turning to green
So much blossom
Dance, petals, dance
Let the wind stain your fingers
Let the colours enhance

So why don’t you kill me?

Springtime’s travesty of life all anew
Hidden depravity
And the trust that you blew
Winter’s last clutches
Are falling apart
They’ve found a new home
In the depths of my heart

He loves me not
He loves me not
He loves me not.


Pastorale. Something about the Earth.
Give me 6 feet of it.

All I need.


21 comments on “#NaPoWriMo Give Me That Earth

  1. šŸ˜¶
    Speechless yet again. You have such a gift.

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  2. amycake76 says:


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  3. Cindy says:

    Out of pain comes beauty. Beauty it is, Lizzi! ~hugs~

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  4. Byron Hamel says:

    I toiled in the daylight
    I pulled at the weeds
    Till my fingers were bloody
    And sinew malfunctioned
    And fingers were twisted
    And twitching and writhing and cramping
    And shrivelling into a fist
    Of numb frightening horror
    And limp-tight
    And useless
    And fallen
    And broken

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    • lrconsiderer says:

      On my knees in the garden
      I dug out that hole
      My hands deep in earth
      As I bled out my soul
      Cover me up
      Let me un-become whole
      On my knees in the garden
      Where peace is my goal


      • Byron Hamel says:

        Your feet free in earth
        A fresh strong sunlit tree
        Your roots reaching under
        And drawing in blood
        From the soil
        That piled on life
        In the garden
        The quiet
        The peaceful
        The shading protector
        The bearer of fruit
        And a home to the weary
        The flying
        And resting
        And making anew
        The tree in the meadow
        So beautiful

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