#NaPoWriMo Lamenting the AbecedWTFarian

AUGH! This format, I just don’t think…

But wait, I’m not here to think, just write,

Create, or otherwise generate something. In

Defiance of the format, I will make it a delight:

Emotion-filled, with gorgeous wending lines

Filigrees of words, Oh let me count the ways

Gorgeous poetry can be shoehorned into

Half a dozen (or more) manners of phrase.

I think with time, that e’en though I baulked,

Jabbering, scared of such a monstrous task

Kind of excited for the challenge

Like someone facing Everest, steadfast,

Masking writer’s jitters; ignoring

Nerves and setting forth, absolutely


Perfectly bloody certain that not a

Qualm will be allowed to derail me –

Reasoning that in the end, in

Spite of whatever else may be said

The best part of poetry is masquerade,

Unlikeliness, and inside your head.

Victory will be mine. I am deterimined

While there is consciousness flowing

Xylol-like, my muse shall fire off, and

Yea, though this not be worth knowing,

Zero fucks are given, for I have won.


The prompt was to write an acrostic (too easy) or an abecedarian – a complete bollix of a poem, which requires that each line start with a subsequent letter of the alphabet, or that each WORD of the poem be alphabetical. A truly disgusting format which has nonetheless produced some surprisingly good results (at least, in the efforts I’ve seen so far, so bravo!)


11 comments on “#NaPoWriMo Lamenting the AbecedWTFarian

  1. Seriously freaking fantastic!


  2. […] POETRY has been continuing to happen over at Bards. […]


  3. Lisa says:

    I’m reading this in your accent and smiling like an idiot.

    Liked by 1 person


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