This week’s guest bard is Lisa from “The Meaning of Me.” 
I don’t love you, you know.
I don’t even like you much.
I don’t dream about you
or wonder how it would feel
to hold you in my arms.
I never look at your mouth
and wonder whether
your kisses taste sweet
and I certainly don’t imagine
what your ass would look like naked.
In fact, I really don’t think
about you at all.
And why should I?
I don’t love you, you know.
Lisa is a wife, mother, and newly self-employed recovering high school English teacher. She lives with her Fab Hub, her daughter Kidzilla, and three Rotten Cats. She spends her time stacking the pile of books to read ever higher, wondering if she should have been a chef, and trying to figure out where she last left her damn cell phone. Lisa blogs about life and all its fascinations and banalities at the The Meaning of Me.
Thanks Lisa!
I’ve been talking to Lisa for a while about guest barding, and it’s been well worth the wait. This was a wonderfully wry piece of poetry. I just love something with an attitude! ~Z

20 comments on “GUEST BARD FRIDAY

  1. Lisa @ The Meaning of Me says:

    Thanks to you, Zoe (and Lizzi), for the invite. Really glad to be here! I probably should’ve checked if it was OK to say “ass” on your blog. 😀


  2. zoebyrd says:

    Ass…ass…ass..ass…ass… well okay but just this once.


  3. […] I am honored to be guest barding over at The Well-Tempered Bards poetry […]


  4. lrconsiderer says:


    Totes fine 🙂

    This made me smile. Partly cos I can relate, and partly for the parody. Me likee 😀


  5. Bad ass! Love this. What a refreshing tonic of a read.


    • Lisa @ The Meaning of Me says:

      I’ve been a lot of things in my life, but I don’t think I’ve ever been a refreshing tonic. Love it! Thanks, Kelly!


  6. Scott says:

    I can’t believe you’re not imagining my naked ass. *cries*

    Liked by 1 person

  7. amycake76 says:

    Yay, Lisa! Wonderful!


  8. […] way for her to rejoin us as one of the Ten Things of Thankful co-hosts, than to BARD for us. HUGE thanks to Lisa for sharing her poetry, and whilst we bid a fond farewell to Sandy**, and probably shed a few tears, they are tears with a […]


  9. Wow, this was some powerful stuff, and a sentiment I could relate to from another time in my life. So very well done! I hope we see more of your work here, Lisa! (And, maybe that would serve to distract you from focusing as well as you do on WWF! 😉


    • Lisa @ The Meaning of Me says:

      Thanks, Josie! This is actually an old one. As for doing more barding here, I’d love to – but that is up to the lovely co-hostesses, Lizzi and Zoe!
      And speaking of WWF…I think it’s my turn!


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  11. Jen @ Driftwood Gardens says:

    How clever! I love the humor in this.



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