*The cue was “Face your fears.”

Thinking too much… I submit a repost.

Octpowrimo: day 11 and a link...


Secure as I slept,

So out of character to feel sheltered by another’s presence.

Feather light kisses to my closed and trusting eyes—I wake.

“Is it time?” Don’t let it be time.

            You don’t fear the quest. There is no self-doubt.

In its place an all-consuming determination to defend those you love, here and gone.

We always anticipated it would be you,

Your arms around me as I slipped away,

My hand in yours.

It was all a set-up, a confidence game of the fates,

We didn’t realize the train was coming,

Or that the roster had changed.

The morning you stepped away

off to places I could only try to understand,

I still believed you’d return.

How foolish to think Jupiter lived by earthly rules,

Hurling bolts of lightning while we brazenly tempted fate.

The strike was made—our destiny sealed,

Impenetrable and unyielding to our impassioned pleas.




21 comments on “ANGSTY SUNDAY

  1. Wow! Fears justified, painful.


  2. These sentences had me really worried, my heart beat rose:

    We didn’t realize the train was coming,
    Or that the roster had changed.

    Still the ending came as a blow.

    Very well written!


  3. dollymarionette says:

    Beautiful. It makes me think of a committed couple wondering who will be the first to depart as they age. This will never happen to me. My mental health issues make it impossible for me to be in such a relationship. I did see it happen with my parents. My father went first.


  4. LauraALord says:

    Shit, you made me cry this morning. This is beautiful and heartbreaking and really gets the heart pumping.


  5. Sarah says:

    Now that was really something. And knowing (I think?) the story behind it–heartwrenching.


  6. lrconsiderer says:


    I do not like those fates
    Those hammer blows which fall
    I do not like those fates
    No, no – not at all

    And if I could I’d change ’em
    Reverse the shit they dealt
    If only I could change ’em
    So this feeling wouldn’t be felt.


  7. Rod E. Kok says:

    This is a poem, for me, that I have to read a bunch of times, and every time I read it, I get a little more out of it. I love poems like that, like this! Excellently done!!



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