Thank you Mr. Milton, For The Fallacy*


Inadvertant liars-

Cliché’s born of repetition,

And origins of good design.


As outdated

As those who repeat them.

Avoided by others “like the plague.”


Obsolete though they may be

Mulish and pig-headed

They “weather the storms,”

And “stand against the tests of time.”


Granted my unfounded criticism

“Begs a certain question,”

But “the cat has got my tongue.”


I am a jumble of metaphors,

Treading on thin eggs.

I pick up my scepter,

Don my jester’s cap, and dance.





*From Comus “Was I deceived? Or did a sable cloud
Turn forth her silver lining on the night?”
(i.e. every cloud has a silver lining)




13 comments on “Thank you Mr. Milton, For The Fallacy*

  1. seekingmeme says:

    “treading on thin eggs”
    I’m still giggling over that one!
    Nice poem!


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  3. lrconsiderer says:

    I liked the ‘treading on thin eggs’

    Keep jesting, dear x


  4. “Cliche’s born of repetition” is a great line to explain conformity in society along with tons of unoriginal ideas.


  5. LauraALord says:

    Oh this is absolutely fabulous!


  6. I love this like yesterday had no tomorrow 😉


  7. Fida says:

    I love this line: I am a jumble of metaphors. Thanks.


  8. Rod E. Kok says:

    What a fun poem to read! Love it!! *added to favorites*



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