Who is Jessica?



Some say that she was raised by wolves

And never learned to care

All I know is when I looked

Jessica wasn’t there.


Some say that she’s part-daemon

And she has the devil’s flair

I’ve heard she’s deadly beautiful

But Jessica’s never there


Some say she hates the sunlight

And her skin is vampire-fair

I thought I saw her shadow once

But Jessica wasn’t there


Some say that she’s an outright lie

A ruse beyond compare

So many truths are possible

Yet Jessica’s not there


Some say that she’s bedecked in scars

Her eyes like your nightmares

And if you see them, you’ll be doomed

But Jessica won’t be there


Some say her stories cast a spell

To trap you unawares

But if you’re caught, you’re left for dead

Cos Jessica won’t be there


So try and find her if you will

Go seek her if you dare

I’m certain when the screams begin

Jessica won’t be there…


Jessica week starts on the 24th October, and ALL SOME OF THE MYSTERY WILL MIGHT BE REVEALED

Ask around on Twitter – #WhoisJessica, to follow the trail, or click Jessica’s picture to go to the blog where it’s ALL TAKING PLACE.

OHMIGOSH…I can’t believe I’m part of this…





37 comments on “Who is Jessica?

  1. Reblogged this on Being the Memoirs of Helena Hann-Basquiat, Dilettante and commented:
    I couldn’t not have this as part of my blog. Jessica begins in less than 12 hours, and I’m on pins and needles to hear people’s reactions.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. REDdog says:

    You will be awesome…as per


  3. serins says:

    🙂 Awesome Lizzi.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. whoo….Jessica isn’t someone I’d like to meet. Now, you need to get this on the Vampire Diaries!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Scott says:

    If she’s never there how do we know she even exists??

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  6. I cannot wait for this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  7. Michelle says:

    This is so awesome!

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  8. I wonder why it is you can love something but not understand it at the same time. Who is Jessica?

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  9. Rod E. Kok says:

    Love the poem, even though I have no idea what all the excitement over Jessica is. 🙂

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    • lrconsiderer says:

      Jessica is a character who lurks in Helena Hann-Basquiat’s basement and writes a lot of horror. Her origin stories have recently (this week) begun to be published online as a result of a collaborative effort by a group of writers (I am one) and on November 1st, there will be an Actual, In Fact BOOK and e-Book of these stories, PLUS extra…and it’s all very exciting.

      I’m glad you like the poem though 🙂 Thank you.


  10. Playing catch up! I didn’t want to rush through reading all of this and now I have the house to myself for a few hours! Your poetry is always amazing…

    Liked by 1 person

    • lrconsiderer says:

      Thank you ma’am 🙂 I do rather love poet-ing, though I confess, the non-amazing stuff (it exists) I try not to publish 😉

      This one was special though, for Jessica week 🙂 Glad you have space and time to yourself 🙂 Enjoy it.


  11. hastywords says:


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