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22 comments on “Jessica

  1. Well, you definitely have my attention. LOL
    I’m intrigued…now want to know what, when, where, etc. 😉

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  2. Well, I am definitely intrigued and looking forward to it myself now.

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  3. seekingmeme says:

    LOVE this! I adore the way you’ve penned it and I’m really curious about this Jessica person…

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    • lrconsiderer says:

      Ohhh Jessica is trickery personified. Some say she’s a ghost or a daemon, others say she’s just a normal person who got stuck on the wrong side of the tracks. All I know is she writes SUCH creepy stories it will make your skin crawl…

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  4. zoebyrd says:

    What the hell’s with Jessica B Bell? She asked in a poetic tone…

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  5. AH! WHO IS JESSICA? Wow, this was so interesting and I love that you wrote it.. Intriguing to say the least!

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  6. Scott says:

    Nice! Well done, BBFFFL!!


  7. serins says:

    🙂 I still ❤ Jessica B Bell…….. ❤


  8. […] a poem I wrote not long ago, about Jessica, over on the Well Tempered Bards. I wrote it For Real, and there’s an unsubstantiated rumour that it *might* have made it into […]



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