OctPoWriMo Day 18

Disclaimer: Rough language and a Spongebob reference…you’ve been forewarned. 



When my house was eaten by nematodes
I didn’t wake up and say “Hooray Skips, we are finally huge!”
I more likely said,
“What the fuck? Really? I need this?”
Never said was,
“Well, I guess I deserved this.”
Okay, that didn’t happen but if it did…
That’s how it would have gone down!
 20131029_145253 (1)
When the car was stolen
For the third time
I didn’t walk around the block like I did the first time
Thinking, 3928769965_f598c70f8d_z
“Maybe I forgot where I parked it.”
No, by now I was tainted,
“Oh my GAWD! NOT AGAIN! You, Bastards!”
But this time I did not call my mother and ask,,
“Why me?”
 imagesWhen my tour guide got killed
I’m ashamed to say that I did take an inventory
Of everything that had gone wrong on that trip.
It was pretty selfish of me.
I attribute it to shock.
CPR and all, we had tried our best,
But he still died.
No one was to blame.
When I found out I had cancer,
I didn’t and never will I  ever say,
“Well, maybe I needed a wakeup call.
Maybe this will transform my life.”
It has but, I’m still pissed.
Turns out the pissier you are,
The longer God lets you live.
Go figure.
Nobility in self loathing?
It just doesn’t pay. Z~

14 comments on “OctPoWriMo Day 18

  1. lrconsiderer says:

    Time to shake your fist at the sky and be pissy. I get it. I guess sometimes we need to own it. There was a HE-YOUUUUUGE comment left by someone quite out of the blue, on my TToT back to basics post, where the writer and her friend would send each other lists of things. They might be things that were good and needed sharing. They might be lists of things which were struggles and needed sharing. No comments were made unless they were invited, but the very act of SHARING the struggles was a help to both friends. I kind of love that.

    I think poetry does that a bit, in a way.


  2. Fida says:

    These last lines:

    Turns out the pissier you are,
    The longer God lets you live.
    Go figure.

    Nobility in self loathing?
    It just doesn’t pay.

    I really love it!


  3. Your poems brings a smile on the face of its readers. Good one Zoe 🙂


  4. First off, the picture of the dog melted my insides (animal lover here) and that ending was the best thing I read so far today.



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