It’s the middle of the night.

I feel the pressure of his weight on my chest,

the heat of his breath on my face-

he’s staring again.

Could it be he’s actually forgotten me?

My little old man is sundowning.

He gently touches my face.

Silently he beckons me to wake and tell him who I am.



Elderly, patient

Furry, exploring, loyal

Lacking sleep due to his dementia, lacking sleep due to his dementia

Walking, wondering, waking

Tired, devoted



My dog will be 15 years old

He’s had many hard years -few were gold.

Five years ago we were united.

Back then I worried I had been short-sighted.

From death by needle he’d been paroled

and my life with poodle did unfold.

I can honestly say I have been delighted

as my devotion and ardor have been requited,

By Mr. Pup E. Luv.


His age has caused his mind’s unfold

He’s become unhinged, a bit uncontrolled

But I know I won’t be misguided

By Mr. Pup E. Luv.



He had never heard not to bite the hand that fed him
It wouldn’t have mattered,
He bit me on the leg.

I went to do a good deed and came home with another stray.
Another of the abandoned who’d lost heart,
He came with an attitude.
Expecting more of the same,
but over time he could be won.
 He cleaned up good,
 A hard crunchy outside wrapped around a soft mooshy center
Unsuspecting, he walked out with me that day.

Narrowly escaping the needle for life on the lam.
Although he didn’t know it,
He’d come to stay .
 Another oddball to enrich my life  Z~

Octpowrimo: day 11 and a link...



  1. What a sweet tribute to the furry guy who has so won over your heart that you are willing to sacrifice sleep because he needs you. That’s true love my friend, true love… and he is so very blessed that you were the one led to rescue him and give him safety and love in his old age. I smile at that sweet little lost face staring into yours in the middle of the night, funny how we can always sense those eyes upon us. If you must be awakened by night prowlers, I am so glad it is him!


  2. Aw!! Hey to Skippo. Misty’s catching up with him in age and had a haircut today. To us, may we always enjoy Pup E Love!


  3. Fida says:

    Awww… this was so sweet and loving!


  4. Lance Smith says:

    As a fellow pet lover – I can only hope that myself and other pet lovers can show this much love to our friends.


  5. That is so sweet. 🙂


  6. The love for your dog shines through. I have two. Lovely dedication indeed Zoe 🙂


  7. anxiousgeek says:

    Love the first one.



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