The Beach

I can sit in peace my soul refreshed

I can sit

And think, therefore

I am in heaven: my haven

Where bright sea meets azure sky

The place where dreams  can come alive

To entertain, delight, or just pass time

Yet at my will they disappear

And I can sit

In silent contemplation here

On familiar sand and stone-strewn shores,

Where waves begot by every breaking wave

Lend rhythmic peace to perfect, salted air

Each froth’d advance and wash

Another of Earth’s breaths

And I can sit

In peace; my soul refreshed

Capturing in mind’s eye for another day

The way the sunlight plays upon each crest

Their perfect, glitter shine must teach

E’en diamonds what to strive for

Behold: the beach.

And I can sit

Attuned to seagulls’

Lonely, harsh, melodic cries

 As in circles, thermals under sickle wings

They seem set to reach and brush the vaulted sky

‘longside their flights, I uncage my thoughts

Allow myself to wonder “Why?”

Then look around

And I can sit

Let my fingers idly sift

Those worlds in grains of sand

Can know that here, I am lost and found

No distance e’er can take the beach from me

No circumstance remove it from my mind

Tho cruel geography has to have its way

I triumph, for I carry it inside

And I can sit.


The beach is a magical place for me, where my soul feels at home and I know that I have space to breathe…I am lucky I live so close, and for those who feel the same but who are prevented by geography or personal circumstance from being able to see the waves, taste the salt air and bathe in that peculiar, refracted light which happens over the ocean, the loss can be intolerable. It is to one such friend I dedicate this poem – Girlie; this is for you.


27 comments on “The Beach

  1. Lovely that you have such a place that no one can take away from you.

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  2. dyannedillon says:

    Watching water is mesmerizing, whether it’s the pitching and rolling of the ocean or the glassy smoothness of a lake. Makes for a wonderful thinking place.

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    • lrconsiderer says:

      You waxed near poetic yourself there, Dyannedelion 🙂 But yes – it’s one of those things we just seem able to watch for hours and become lost in our own thoughts. There is affinity there, definitely 🙂


  3. zoebyrd says:

    I so wish I lived closer to water. You make me long for it with this poem.

    Yeah! Cool timing!

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    • dyannedillon says:

      Come visit me, Zoe. We’ll go to my parents’ lake house and you can sit on the deck (or dock) for hour upon hour.

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    • lrconsiderer says:

      I wish you did, too! I think there’s something deep within the human psyche which responds to it. I hope the poem made the missing it better rather than worse, and evoked pleasant memories for you 🙂

      Yay timing! 🙂


  4. valj2750 says:

    Yes, Lizzie, of course, THE BEACH.

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  5. I love the beach too, although, i hate the sand in all the wrong places. I love watching the waves, but have to sit in the water some too. I used to love jumping and swimming, but can’t chance it anymore since knee replacements. I love the ebb and flow of your poem in waves of words. 🙂

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    • lrconsiderer says:

      HAHAH! Yes! Sand in the wrong places can be uncomfortable in the extreme! I love being in the water, and I like to swim and paddle, but the thing which soothes me is just to be near it. Or hear it. Or see it.

      Thank you – I’m pleased you liked the ebb and flow of the poem, too 🙂


  6. Having just returned from there, I am already heartbroken at the distance and longing for more. You said it all just right here, yes, that is the way it is, and where my soul most longs to be.

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    • lrconsiderer says:

      Ahhh but what a wonderful, wonderful time you had, and how those memories will stay with you…

      BUT – I totally get you. I think I would wilt if I were away from the beach for too long. That sounds so hard 😦 I hope you get to go back soon, my friend.


  7. I love the beach and I love this poem. I make a yearly pilgrimage to the ocean to renew my spirit. I really miss living on the coast.

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    • lrconsiderer says:

      YEARLY?! Ohhhhhhh Lillian I don’t know how you cope in between! I know the poem says that when you carry the beach in your heart, nothing can take it from you, but that’s a LONG time to be without it.

      That said, it must be SO WONDERFUL when you get there.


  8. I really think I would like to have a vacation home on the beach. It sounds amazing.

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  9. The length of the poem reinforces the contents, just like the shape. Beautiful. And relaxing.

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  10. You have such beautiful talent inside and out Lizzi!

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  11. Dawn D says:

    The words flow effortlessly, bringing with them a sense of peace. Beautiful.

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  12. Tamara Woods says:

    My perfect beach day is a little windier. It’s nice to have those special places in your heart.

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