K. Kay?

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I wonder if the kaka bird is jealous of the kagu?

It seems so unfair the distribution of names.

Did someone tickle the funnybone when the Kiwis were naming their parrot friend,

or was it misery loves company?


One has to wonder how the ked, wingless but bloodthirsty,

climbs aboard its moving targets.

Does it catch a ride on the kebbie of a passing shepherd?

Perhaps it’s reliant upon an old keffel or two wandering by.


At University I studied kinesthetics and kinesiology

in hopes of working the kinkles through kinematics.

What possible reason to turn ones back on kyphosis?

Traded  in for the koans of humanity.


But it’s not all Kuru and questions, the letter K.

K can be the delicate golden sparkle of a silken kincob.

The dizzying head rush carried on the wafting smoke of a kif.

K is the ecstasy of kareeza with your kickie-wickie.  Z~

Kaka: a bird native to New Zealand 
Kagu: a bird native to New Caledonia 
Kiwis: a colloquialism for  New Zealanders
Ked: a wingless fly that preys on livestock
Kebbie: a shepherd’s crook
Keffel: an old horse, a nag
Kinesthetics: study of movement
Kinesiology: study of muscle
Kinkles: a slight kink
Kyphosis: a spinal deformity, hunchback
Koans: unanswerable questions
Kuru: a brain disease transmitted by cannibalism 
Kincob: silk embroidered with gold and silver threads
Kif: marijuana
Kareeza: a prolonged orgasm
Kickie-wickie: a wife

17 comments on “K. Kay?

  1. dyannedillon says:



  2. Linda Kay says:

    Zoe, you made me dizzy with this post!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Sarah says:

    Well, I can honestly say I did not know the difference between kinesthetics and kinesiology until now. And pretty much all your other Ks. I have kyphosis.


    • zoebyrd says:

      Really? It must be a pretty mild one…you dont look kyphotic at all… You sure its just not bad posture? ALthough you dont even seem to look like that in photos… You look like you have great posture… even when lugging a kid on one arm! OMG Thanks for the vid… so cute! How do you do slow mo? I dont think my recorder has that!


  4. LauraALord says:

    “K can be the delicate golden sparkle of a silken kincob.” – I LOVELOVELOVE this line. This was so much fun and thank god for that little key at the end 😛


  5. cshowers says:

    What great fun!


  6. […] you get a chance and want to stop in go ahead. So far my favorite lines to compose have been about sex and the letter K . (Yeah I know… but that’s why you gotta go […]


  7. Now that is a kicky little poem.



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