Foul thing! You got into my good books

Under the guise of something warm and kind.

Your agenda’d words with angled, vicious hooks

Poured like faker’s balm on anxious mind


You liar! For lurking in your darkness

Tucked behind a careful, radiant mask

Warped glimmers of you knew t’would come to this:

Already prepared for what would come to pass


Fie on me for having faith – you were just

A vile betrayer, all at once reneging

On fairness; hope, and friendship; happiness; trust –

Revealed as candied lies you had been pledging


Removing solid ground from ‘neath my feet

You left me dizzied – all the tables turned

From fire to ice, your quick-change now complete

And yet you held me there; let me get burned


For now I’m walking soft with unsheathed claws

Alert for signs which real-ise my fears

Displayed in friends who still are mine and yours:

That you’ve been pouring poison in their ears


You’ve no ammo, but beware – tread carefully

I’m living poised to pounce and rip and bite

Unfettered, ’cause you’re already dead to me

Just dare to tempt me; t’will be my dark delight.


Walking Soft With Unsheathed Claws

I do badly with betrayal, especially when it arrives in my world in several different brands at once, all equally destabilising. For now I stay my rage and rampage with words, but if the time must come when more is unleashed at its sources, then so be it.

Nothing like a step from silly to vengeant in one fell day of poetry…

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38 comments on “Betrayal

  1. Samara says:

    This poem scares me. It doesn’t seem like you. I suppose, that’s the power of your writing?
    Or a side of you I don’t know?

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    • lrconsiderer says:

      I talk a bigger game than I play. Really it ends (for me) at the betrayers being dead to me. That I can do – that ‘extincting’ and the decision to ‘get another set of’ whoever, and to replace them.

      But you know me – when I hurt, I feel it deeply and betrayal where trust has been extended is something I don’t come back quickly from.

      But no. Though I might fleetingly feel it, I’m not a vengeful person. Just having a tough night and needed a pressure release.


  2. zoebyrd says:

    You are definitely riding along the emotional poetic range the last few days ( silly to vengeful) ! I started reading this and was wondering if it was going elsewhere but boy its point is true…. leave no questions. Poetically speaking as well …nicely done bardic one…

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  3. Linda Kay says:

    Okay, I’m going to stay on your good side! Very well done on this rather dark poem.

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  4. Few things are so foul as a false friend. Fortunately I have not had many, but the few times it did happen, it left me in quite a tailspin. My poor husband received the brunt of my lamenting and wish that the sour soul would meet a gruesome end as part and parcel of deserved karma. I suppose he’s used to being exposed to melodrama, however. He is, after all, a high school counselor. 😉
    Thank you for visiting us at
    May your drama resolve in your favor. After all, anyone who is a betrayer is not a real friend, and you don’t need them!

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    • lrconsiderer says:

      I think that’s the realisation I’m coming to – in each of the different cases which contributed to this poem happening. It just leaves a bitter taste in the mouth, yaknow?

      And yes – the DRAMA! Ohmigosh. That’s wearisome alright, but it happens. I’m glad you have a supportive husband to lament to. Having someone in your corner at these times is so vital.


  5. serins says:

    Yiaks (you are scary when angry), but very well written. Am I allowed to give you a (hugs)?

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  6. Ack, Lizzi, this is an apt read for me at the moment! Thankfully not as drastic!

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  7. Twindaddy says:

    Uh ohhhhh…

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  8. Lance says:

    That’s somkthing that is great about this month – you can go from one mood to the other and it’s perfectly normal! Love your selection today

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    • lrconsiderer says:

      If I was going to be very clever, I’d try to run a theme, but perhaps ’emotions’ is a bit broad, after all, ALL poetry is emotions, somehow.

      Thanks for stopping by 🙂 I’m glad you liked it.


  9. Oh I know these words, these feelings, the since of betrayal. Like most I’m sure but that vengeful burst, may not come about but I dare any to stand in front of the flame when it bursts out for it burns hot and fast.

    Well done Lizzie, well done.

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  10. Tamara Woods says:

    Wow, someone has really gotten your tail feathers ruffled. This seems so threatening and angry. Not like you at all.

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    • lrconsiderer says:

      Someone(s). And no, not like me at all. Fortunately the feelings passed fairly rapidly. But there are things which fester and still hurt, even after time has passed.

      I guess I have ‘unresolved’ stuff which occasionally triggers into something horrible.


  11. Definitely a big difference from yesterday. The anger will only poison you not them unfortunately. Betrayal, disloyalty are for cowards see her for what she is and take away her power.

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    • lrconsiderer says:

      There are a few people/circumstances which inspired this poem – some resolvable, others not. But certainly I got into a space where the anger was enjoyable. However, now I’m OUT of that space (which is better) I see that it’s not productive and there’s no point in dwelling on it.


  12. Wow. That’s an angry poem, and with good reason! Thanks for sharing.

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  13. […] but I pull through it (with help, most times). Actual rejection also sucks but sometimes you get good poem out of it. And in order to feel the rejection as pain, arguably there first had to be a mutual […]


  14. Clicked over from your TTOT post. Ooohweee – I’m scared for whomever crossed you. I hope this poem served as a “write it off” like a “walk it off”.

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    • lrconsiderer says:

      Mostly. I think the people who this was (collectively) about, won’t be hearing from me and won’t find me anything less than civil, should our paths cross again. But it still sucks and it still hurts. It was a bit of a pressure-cooker moment, this one. I felt better having written it 🙂



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