The Fourth

Published here at my dear friend and co-bard, Zoe’s request – I was in a bad mood and walking storming along a few Irish Country Lanes to get rid of some of my thoughts, and as I walked, the thoughts took on poetic form and I wrote them into my phone (rookie mistake – that’s complicated – never go ANYWHERE without pen and paper), then because the poem was for Zoe, I sent it to her. Turns out it was only the fourth poem EVER to be written for her, so even though it was originally titled ‘Crappy Poem’, she likes it and thought it worthy of publication. So, in her honour, here it is:

Hardwired Heart

You once made me laugh quite hard
(Albeit hollowly)
When you said you could see a more evolved
Version of yourself in me


You are blind, you are blind
I’m not evolved, in fact I’m regressing
Intrusive thoughts from an unquiet mind
Are once more becoming oppressing


Where, oh where, oh why
Do you find worth in me –
A fool so determined to love
(yet never loving me)?


A lost leader with only
An inconsistent plan
A time-waster with her world
Held in the palm of her hand


See me march, see me march
It is all that I’m good for
You can do better than inspiration
Brought on by character flaws


Don’t rely, don’t rely
On the truths in a jester’s words
I’ll entertain but life has shown
I get what I deserve


Except in one way
And this I know to be true
I am extraordinarily blessed
With such a friend as you.



10 comments on “The Fourth

  1. zoebyrd says:

    Loveeeeeeee the new name!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Linda Kay says:

    What a lovely tribute to Zoe! Thanks for sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

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