The Power of Practical Thinking

I read a book recently entitled The Survivors Club, and in it is the true story of a famous shipwreck and how those who lived through many days in lifeboats on the open seas were able to survive. What they learned about survival is that it doesn’t pay to be on either end of the thinking spectrum (ie neither unrealistically positive or completely negative).  I don’t know why, but it just kind of invited a limerick. Forgive me.


The Power of Practical Thinking


 Haters gonna hate.

That really is the truth.

But faking all the positive,

Can also be uncouth.


Oft times, I get tired

Of those who force my hand

Telling me to buck it up

Cuz they misunderstand.

At times you just can’t force it.

It doesn’t take a shrink

To see that inscrutable optimism

May leave you in the drink


Let me tell you a little story,

About a ship gone down

Caught up in a raging storm,

Most crew and passengers drowned.

There were a few survivors,

And from them I take my cue.

Sometimes you just can’t pretend,

That the devil doesn’t want his due.


The living took off in lifeboats

From the sinking vessel

The optimists were first to die

Cuz it was just to hard to wrestle

With ideas that they just might not

Be saved from the expansive sea

Rather they jumped overboard,

Than accept reality.


Neither did the pessimists survive unsurpassed,

They lasted just a few more days

Before on to death they passed.

It seems they could not foresee,

That things just might work out.

So sure were they after just two days

They jumped and didn’t mill about


The pragmatists lived to tell

The story to you and me,

Neither were they full of doubt

Nor did they refuse to see.

So when I come across someone

Who refuses to let me be

I tell the story of the lifeboats

And the survivors of the Persephone.





4 comments on “The Power of Practical Thinking

  1. zoebyrd says:

    wow, this was one of my worst ones yet but at least it didn’t start with a line about Nantucket…sorry everyone!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. lrconsiderer says:

    I went and learned about Persephone, at least. And it does have a moral to it 🙂 I quite like it.


  3. Twindaddy says:

    “But faking all the positive,

    Can also be uncouth.”



  4. Linda Kay says:

    Interesting reflections on the story of the survivors.



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