My brother came to me in a dream

He thanked me for standing by him,

For believing him when very few could.

I told him I never believed him.


“You didn’t want to know,

You never asked.

You just wanted to think that someone believed.

I didn’t matter to you.

What I thought was never of great consequence.

You just didn’t care if I believed you or not.

So why come to me now?

Are you searching?

Or is this my doing,

Somewhere in a restive slumber

Hoping beyond hope that you could?”


The whole thing has me worn.

I’m tired of praying that my disbelief is the sin of my arrogance,

That the truth has not gone with him to the grave.

I hope I was wrong to think him a liar,

Because even if he didn’t care what I thought,

I care what he did.

Two Shoes Tuesdsay the cue was “tattered.”


11 comments on “Worn

  1. oldegg says:

    My own brother too was unreliable, cruel to me when we were kids and he didn’t have much sense of right or wrong as an adult. Luckily he’s had his fun and leaves me alone now. So far he rests in peace.


  2. Linda Kay says:

    Family dynamics are an interesting source of commentary. We all have those who are not the brightest pennies in the pot. So many life experiences influence each sibling in a family. In my family, we just manage to love beyond our other feelings. Have a lovely day.


  3. valj2750 says:

    Wow. I suppose it doesn’t matter, but I’d really like to know the lie.


  4. To me this is the hardest part of one’s passing, the things that get left unsaid, and the truths/lies we may really never know. There is one I wish would visit me, though I detest him still. I want to know if he has taken ownership of his crimes and paid his penance, and if he is sorry for the damage he has done to his own child, or does he haunt her still. The dead are not always at rest, but I believe that those who have found peace will come to comfort and not to trouble us in our dreams. I pray for your peace, just as I know you have prayed for mine, and I have realized those prayers.


  5. Patricia says:

    Sometimes my brother comes to me in a dream but not often. When he does he is happy…something he was not for the last years of his life…so I believe he is at peace now. That helps me. I hope you find some peace when your brother is in your thoughts.



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