Caught Again


Caught once more between my mind and a hard place

Wondering what will finally bring relief

Or a change of mental pace

Meanwhile I want to get up and scream or spit or destroy

Throw everything away

Let you know how annoyed I am

That I’ve fallen again

Into the abyss of stupid;

The dark that I must deserve

For letting myself once more

Respond to the poison siren-call I heard

Trickling into my ear

In a voice so uniquely mine

And yet belonging to so many more than just me

It tells us the same thing all the time

“Not good enough

Not good enough

Too fat, too ugly, too dumb

Not good enough

Not ashamed enough

What good do you think you’ll ever become?

Don’t even try

Don’t bow your head

Hold it up straight so they all can see

The wreck you are

And let them laugh

For they will, though some take pity

And assuage your wounds with reassuring words

Fie on them for your ears are blocked

With poison – they’ll slick off you

Like water off a bird’s back

For no amount of love will save you

Not from this attack –

I am within

I have no need of knives

As long as my words crawl beneath your skin

Your hideous skin,

And it holding such a brain

Oh yes, ‘so VERY concerned for others’

And obsessing over herself again

Who are you trying to kid?

You’re fooling no-one

For they can only nod in agreement

When If they see this

If you’re fool enough to show them

That once again, through your own stupidity

You got caught

You are your own worst enemy.”






4 comments on “Caught

  1. zoebyrd says:

    wow…the two of us are bumming this week huh? Man …. next week its all lymerics and flowers… xo me

    Liked by 1 person


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