The Drunken Entertainer

Spangled Clown

Get up and clown – it’s my turn in the ring

I’m uncertain how I got here

Yet it’s my job to dance and sing

For all the gawkers who with glassy eyes

Take in the act, react

Their own conclusions to surmise

Put on my face, in painted white and red

But funny drunken stumbles

Mean I use the blue instead

I stumble over words so gracelessly

Look – watch me hit the floor

Roll up! Come in! Admission’s free

For who would charge to see a show so poor

A crumbling clown who cannot

Hold together any more

With incoherent ramblings she tries

“Now look, and see the glitter

As it falls down from her eyes”

Oh watch me tumble, watch me bruise

It’s no injury, if I’m funny – Then I’m entertaining you

Let me roll and rock and break Are you not yet amused?

I’m certain that made up I make

Such a very pretty, dancing thing

Oh shallow clown, keep dancing

Then they cannot see the sting

Glaze their eyes with sparkles in this show

Mask the rage that rises

If they’re laughing, they don’t know

I rip my paper heart to shreds

On stage, like confetti to throw

And tumble upon my audience’s heads

Applaud me now and say you liked my spiel

(May  only one or two comment

“Somehow those tears seemed real”)

In this gaudy ring, your pleasure is my pain

Don’t worry though, and come back soon:



4 comments on “The Drunken Entertainer

  1. zoebyrd says:

    I have real problems feeling anxious and uncomfortable around people when they are drunk… this kind of elicited that response… I guess that means good writing ( you captured it)… lousy emotion (on my part).


  2. qwietpleez says:

    I think I’ve been the star of that very same show . . .

    Liked by 1 person


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