The Wordragle






The wordragle struck and rendered me mute

Leaving its victims with words less astute,

Some call it block

But I know better

The wordragle struck

And left me fettered


If only it struck at times less intense

Then the symptoms it causes I’d be apt to dispense

As I do all the symptoms

Of things like the flu

But the wordragle struck

And I can’t seem to spew

Any words from my fingers, my mouth or my brain

The incessant attempts drive me insane

The brick in my mind

Doesn’t let words come through

Cuz the Wordragle struck

And left me unglued


Well you know what you Wordragle? I know what to do

I’ll write me some research, or a literary review

Something I don’t have to create from the start

It still takes finesse and it still creates art

Then I can lull you to sleep once again

Cuz when the Wordragle strikes

It’s just a matter of when

I can start to write poetry, limericks or prose

Cuz when the Wordragle strikes

You have to fight to compose


Two Shoes TuesdsayI’m hooking this up to Josie at Two Shoes In Texas for Two Shoes Tuesday. The cue is “Storm.”  Which is how it feels when you get the dreaded writer’s block and have a storm in your head that you can’t seem to let loose…. I heisted the illustration from

Shel Silverstein because why reinvent the wheel?









16 comments on “The Wordragle

  1. […] hooking this up to Josie at Two Shoes In Texas for Two Shoes Tuesday and The Well Tempered Bards. The cue is “Storm.”  Which is how I often feel with the dreaded writer’s block […]


  2. lrconsiderer says:

    Ohhh VERY good fun 🙂 I’ve done this kind of thing before. Hope you get unblocked soon.

    OH and I have a Bard for Friday.


  3. valj2750 says:

    Awesome poem. It is nice to meet you. I’m linking up.


  4. McGuffy Ann says:

    A fun poem. Shel Silverstein would enjoy this one, I have no doubt.


  5. oldegg says:

    I think he comes to visit us all. The secret is to really churn the work out while he is away. This however does tend to spoil your social life!


  6. Patricia says:

    What a fun poem! Nice to know there is a name for the dreaded writer’s block…writer’s block seems so impersonal for such a regular visitor.


  7. This was just great, Zoe! The clever poem made me smile, and I can most certainly relate to the malady causing a storm in your head! When thoughts build up and I can’t find the right words to share them, or more often can’t find the time, I feel like I’m going to explode. Great TST sharing! I’m considering a move to WordPress myself.


  8. Ah, clever! I know that feeling, too! And definitely Shel Silverstein-ish.



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