I can hardly breathe

This news is too much to bear

It weighs down my heart

As though an iron chain-net has been cast there


Trapping me (can’t breathe)

Inside whirlwind thoughts and driving pain

Spinning me (can’t breathe)

Casting me into the Abyss once again


I can hardly think

Impotent, I watch you carry on

Hands helpless by my sides

I would even swallow the sun


Burning me (can’t think)

If only anything I did could fix this

Consuming me (can’t think)

Ressurecting memories I can’t dismiss


I can hardly speak

Crumbling, I watch you being brave

My soul offering mute prayers

“No more. No more tiny graves”


Strangling me (can’t speak)

There is little I wouldn’t give

Suffocating me (can’t speak)

Please, tiny baby, please live…


Baby Grave



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