Guest Bard: Souls Aligned

Souls Aligned
Souls drift and merge, as one aligned
Linked by gentle yet set bond;
Joined by subtle ties wound tight
Blended, seamless, threaded firm;
As one they coast in love
Of each unaware, yet see with trust.
Forms apart move forth in trust
Not  entangled  yet aligned;
Contrary, yet akin in love
Alongside they move and bond
With gentle grace so strong yet firm
Ties loose  yet at once wound tight
Connected, woven ties wound tight
Threads of giving faith and trust
With each other, soldered, firm
Selfless forms are now aligned
Whisper now a strengthened bond
Souls entwined in noble love
Spirits merge in caring love
Forms together, welded tight
With each other in cherished bond
Woven in affected trust
At once apart and yet aligned
In each other’s thoughts set  firm
Souls now  touch, gentle yet firm
Forms caress with pleasing  love
Never meeting, yet aligned
Hold assuring, subtle  tight
Thoughtful embrace of deep trust
Dancing dance of deepest bond
Spirits join,  unyielding bond
Ties that bind refined and firm
As one with unchallenged trust
Now merge in united love
Souls ally, congruent, tight
Drift alongside, yet aligned
Souls partake in bond of love
Firm assurance of vows tight

All for one, in trust, aligned.

Michelle Liew

The poem Michelle has written is a sestina, for further information on how to write one of your own be sure to go to her  blog – Getting Literal .

Michelle is a freelance writer who dabbles in poetry, fiction and technical writing. She’s a self-professed jazz piano addict.
She loves writing about her pets, and when she’s not busy, you will find her playing with them.
She blogs at http://gettingliteral.comand is a Hubpages writer.
Twitter handle i: kwetsuilin
Bard’s Verdict: Michelle has managed to take a technical form of poetry and make it seem effortless. She has a passionate delivery while staying true to the nature and structure of a sestina. I would recommend going to Getting Literal and finding out for yourself how a sestina is put together. There are several paradoxes within the imagery of this poem, not the least of which is its actual design! I have incredible admiration for something that can be so touching, yet (paradoxically) created within the confines of  specific structural guidelines.

13 comments on “Guest Bard: Souls Aligned

  1. Zoe Byrd says:

    I wasn't kidding Michelle, I couldn't believe the structure you had to stay with to write a sestina! I tried after reading how to do it and had difficulty making it coherent… never mind as lovely as yours!

    Thanks so much for guest barding! I hope it was fun for you! We really appreciate having you here! Z~


  2. No prob, Zoe, was fun putting it together. Will be sharing this tonight.


  3. Richa Singh says:

    It is the flow which makes me go 'wow' and yes of course the essence so amazing, touches heart in ways..



  4. Thanks, Richa……give it a shot and do one for the Philosopher's Stone!


  5. It has been a long time since I read a poem in sestina form. You knocked it out of the ballpark. Beautifully done!


  6. An ideal description of what this experience is and should be…lovely piece!


  7. Thanks Marcia…I hope I did it justice!!


  8. Thanks so much, Stephanie! Glad you like it!


  9. Maggie says:

    This is spectacular, you've kept true to both form and to the content!

    The 2 AM Writer


  10. Suzy says:

    The sestina sounds really complicated but you pulled it off beautifully. And what a great topic to pick, my favourite, the soul.


  11. Thanks, Maggie!


  12. Glad you've enjoyed it Sozy. I know it can overwhelm a little.


  13. bethteliho says:

    Oh wow, this was amazing, Michelle. Really difficult poetry form, and you wrote such an eloquent, touching poem.



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