Guest Bard: Into the Light

Into The Light

Into The Light
There is darkness.
In the drink I hold
There is light.
It is brief.
It is faint.
It is mirage; no oasis,
Only a short road to tragedy.

More darkness.
Let me sleep,
For when I sleep
I do not feel.

In the morn (my last day?),
I take a breath.
The plans for endless darkness fail
As I reach for the light
Held by another.

I realize, coming out of the darkness ā€“
Where there is breath
There is

Mother of Imperfection Profile

Sandy is a wife and mom who claims sarcasm as her superpower. When not immersed in the chaos of five kids, a husband, and a dog, she writes – and only hopes she does it well. You can see for yourself at Mother Of Imperfection.

You can also find her here: Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, and Bloglovin’.

Bards Verdict: Sandy has the ability to very quickly immerse the reader in emotions not their own, and to take them on a journey with the poem as it moves towards its end.


12 comments on “Guest Bard: Into the Light

  1. Zoe Byrd says:

    sandy, I wrote a comment and hit delete… why? who knows maybe I was meant to write something better ( although I liked the comment…herumph…) Anyhoo… The start of this poem made me reread it a few times but once I got to the last 2 stanzas … changes the mood in such a short little space …so few words turn the whole thing on a dime… very hopeful for change… my fav line…
    “The plans for endless darkness fail
    As I reach for the light
    Held by another.”

    Thanks for guest barding… hope it was fun for you. Poetry is such a different bag huh?


  2. Sandy Ramsey says:

    It was fun! I hadn't written any poetry in a very, very, long time.
    Thank you for the comment. I believe that sometimes less is more. That said, this happened in real life just that quickly. In one moment I felt hopeless and at my end and in the next instant, I was reaching out for help. It was a split second decision that changed my life. In your own words, “the whole thing turned on a dime”.


  3. Lizzi R says:

    Sandy you know I loved this from the moment I first read it. It's so, so deep, and took me right into a darker space (not mine, for once) and I really felt that hopelessness and lack of power, and the feeling of being taken over by something poisonous.

    That you were able to reach out from this place, and find someone – their light – and hang onto it, and haul yourself back to a place of hope – is incredible and a HUGE testament to your strength of character, my dear.

    I love your poem, and the way you took me with you on such a journey in such an incredibly short space. There is huge power in this piece, and I'm so pleased you let us share it here. You're incredible šŸ™‚


  4. bethteliho says:

    Wow. This is the part that I heavily related to, from another time, another darkness:
    More darkness,
    Let me sleep,
    For when I sleep
    I do not feel.

    Very powerful and emotionally loaded. Well done, Sandy girl. šŸ™‚


  5. Sandy Ramsey says:

    I'm glad that you loved it. It actually felt right to describe the turning point in my life in as few words as possible. Simplify what seemed impossible, if that makes sense.
    Thank you for having me. It was a good exercise for me to step out of my comfort zone and I loved it!


  6. Sandy Ramsey says:

    Ah, yes. There are still moments in my life when I feel like that and have to pull my way out of it. But never, ever again like the moment described here.
    I'm glad you took the time to stop by and read…it means a lot!


  7. Lizzi R says:

    I'm glad you enjoyed it so much.

    I see what you mean about simplifying. Very tip-of-the-iceberg-ish stuff. But you did it very well.


  8. Sandy, this is so beautiful and so powerful. I had no idea you wrote poetry, too. I'm in awe and a little in love, too. (the non stalker normal love one friend has for another…don't be scared.)


  9. Wow, Sandy. I can't even begin to say how much I love this. You did an incredible job of saying so MUCH with such a small amount of words. The imagery is awesome – I could see the light and the darkness in the drink.


  10. Sandy Ramsey says:

    Well, I don't really. Or at least I haven't in a really long time. Lizzi is hard to say no to so I thought I'd give it a whirl. I'm glad you like it. I'm kind of proud of it šŸ™‚
    So, thank you.


  11. Lizzi R says:

    *raises eyebrow* That's fascinating (and valuable) information…you should be more careful *eyes glint*

    (You OWN that pride in your poem, y'hear me? It's gorgeous)


  12. Sandy Ramsey says:

    Thank you, Kristi. When I decided to write here, I knew I would need something that would bring out emotion or it wouldn't work for me. That's what poetry needs to do for me to enjoy it. It doesn't take many words for me to remember the emotion of this time in my life so it flowed pretty easily. I'm glad it came across the way I intended.



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