Guest Bard: Hobbled



The dark.

Crawl my way up

Cold, stone walls

Dragging under me

a leg broken to bits.


Decide not to know.

No one there to tell me different.

Soaking wet


The longest, coldest

Decades-long night.

No stars above

Clouds, rain, voices

Lightning to illuminate shapes, figures

Stopping to peer down at me

Watch me struggle

And then vanish

Some shout encouragement

While sending rocks towards me

The most sympathetic of them

Throw me rope

Attached to nothing.

And I thank them.

Motivated only to survive.

Every inch a new callous

Every movement shooting pain

Powerful, strong and acknowledged.

Closer to the top

Voices clearer.

β€œWhy does he bother?”

As if I have not asked myself

The same thing


As if their doubts and fears

I did not share.

And I climb to shed them.

Fingers touch earth

Drug out of the well

By the last of my strength.

Forced to be still.

Patience mandatory for healing

For true healing.

But once I rise

I find myself


Wounded in a way

Perhaps only I may ever see as truly restored.

Others choose to see the scars

I see the healing

I see the miraculous

I see the recovery

I seek those who see it too.

And whether I find them

Or not

I will run

And dance

Awkwardly but with such a passion

And joy.

I choose to feel

I choose to be bold

I refuse to be anyone

Who is not me

Who is truly hobbled.

Who is truly hobbled?


Rick describes himself as an Easy-going, life-loving, b ball watching, guinea-pig tending, heart following, truth telling, blog writing, hard working doofus wishing u much love and joy πŸ™‚

Go visit Rick over at All Things Bright and Lovely …an eclectic, happy mix of photography, color, fashion and personal insights.

Bards Verdict: There’s some really powerful, emotive imagery happening here, which is hugely effective in conveying the struggles the poet is experiencing, and in spite of adversity, striving to overcome. And it’s always nice to end on a hopeful note.


11 comments on “Guest Bard: Hobbled

  1. bethteliho says:

    *momentarily speechless*
    Stunning and beautiful. Heart squeeze. So empowering and inspiring.


  2. Zoe Byrd says:

    Im happy for the redemptive ending Fred or I'd have to worry more than I do! THis was a heartfelt piece for you…and its really good to see both sides..Peebs


  3. I could feel the pain throughout your entire poem. Brilliant!


  4. Shamu Boo says:

    Thank you so much. Such kind and wonderful words. Very encouraging πŸ™‚


  5. Shamu Boo says:

    Thanks, Peebs! Feeling less than redemptive tonight but I do believe in that unicorn returning. I really appreciate this opportunity too. NHL!


  6. Shamu Boo says:

    Thank you so much! This piece means so much to me so your kind words are uplifting πŸ™‚


  7. Toks says:

    Very moving.


  8. Shamu Boo says:

    Awww, thank you, Sweet Amy! So kind of you to follow me over here. You are the best, dear. So much love for you πŸ™‚ xoxo


  9. Siobhan says:

    Love the review they gave you, how exciting, you're a Bard!


  10. Shamu Boo says:

    Thank you, darling. I was very happy to have the opportunity πŸ™‚


  11. Hey Rick! Zoe's blog lead me to this post. I loved the poem. I read it out loud for my family. πŸ™‚



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