Guest Bard: The Birth of Soul

This book was 15 years in the making. I wrote poetry, keeping them in spiral notebooks and pads. Hoping one day I’d have a home for them. I realized a couple years ago after having a near fatal medical issue, that “one day” better become “today.” The Shaping of an “Angry” Black Woman is my first poetry collection, where I’m discussing different aspects of life that has shaped me. It’s not all anger and vitrol. I’m much more than at. We all are. The title is more taking a stab at the popular isotype of the “angry black woman” portrayed over and over again in American media. Fortunately, Sakura Publishing believed in my vision, and now I’m proud to say, my book is available for pre-order on their site right now. It goes on sale March 25th.

I wanted to share a poem with you today. This one is about an old crush. Kinda.

The Birth of Soul           

I want to expel your wisdom from my insides,

let my abdomen expand into the fullness of your politics.

My dormant maternal instincts gears to life with a suddenness,

presses the air from my lungs,

my inner thighs quiver with anticipation.

Mind whispers caution,

to protect myself,

but my womb contracts as your voice,

whiskey soaked and $3 packs of cheap cigarettes roughened,

penetrates my every orifice,

bridging this gap between stark lifeless reality.

Pressing deep with words of alternate universes,

elevated consciousness dipped and tinged with crude levity

and a frank disregard

for my need to keep my senses.

As the angels and demons, who dance in your head

slip from your tongue,

into my blood stream,

intoxicating me, and my heart races.

Infusing me with their lust visions of nirvana,

And my mortal soul weeps.

My breasts grow heavy and warm.

With your stylized world.

Tapping into my ovaries.

Your rich timbers triggering my eggs,

Traveling down my fallopian tubes,

matriculating as your words

move like light beams

wriggling, infusing my womb

With you.

I feel the spark as your ideas take root deep inside me,

growing, stretching, reaching

taking me to the pinnacle and beyond.

Beyond where sanity lives,

and I grow full with opinions,

your fiery rants, skewed view,

and I have to expel them,

I grab a pen,

Clench my teeth, bearing down,

I grab a pen,

Clench my teeth, bearing down,

pushing beyond my limits,

self-imposed boundaries

And I scrawl, grunting,

sweating in

this damn heat,

Until I birth these words.

Tamara Woods was raised (fairly happily) in West Virginia, where she began writing poetry at the age of 12. She has previous experience as a newspaper journalist, an event organizer, volunteer with AmeriCorps and VISTA, in addition to work with people with disabilities. She has used her writing background to capture emotions and moments in time for anthologies such as Empirical Magazine, her blog PenPaperPad and writing articles as a full-time freelance writer. She is a hillbilly hermit in Honolulu living with her Mathemagician

There’s a video up on her YouTube Channel talking more about the why for the name of her book. You can follow her on Twitter, like her on Facebook and circle her on Google+
Bards’ Verdict: She writes so that you can nearly FEEL the things she’s describing, and you can see precisely, in your mind’s eye, what she means. And look – a PUBLISHED poet, no less. Kudos, Tamara.

18 comments on “Guest Bard: The Birth of Soul

  1. bethteliho says:

    POWERFUL, visceral metaphor. I absolutely loved this poem. You are so talented, Tamara! And girl, I got that book on preorder already, you know this. Can't wait. You truly inspire me. xoxo


  2. Zoe Byrd says:

    No fair, Beth stole my words before I could get here… OMG… how visceral and dare I say Powerful? Tamara I knew it would be good when you guested but you have exceeded all expectations… Cant wait for the book.


  3. Lizzi R says:

    I suppose I could chip in with a thirdage of 'visceral' and 'powerful', but actually, I'm just gonna say I reallyreally liked this a LOT. So much imagery.

    My favourite line, though, is this one: “your voice,

    whiskey soaked and $3 packs of cheap cigarettes roughened”

    OWWWWWW!!!! Dude I cannot WAIT for your book 😀


  4. Lovely and brutal


  5. Tamara Woods says:

    Thanks Beth! And I'm so glad you pre-ordered it. I hope you like it.


  6. Tamara Woods says:

    I'm glad that I did you guys proud. I'm so excited to be here. Visceral, powerful…you guys are simply lovely.


  7. Tamara Woods says:

    Thank you Robert. I try to make it hurt so good. 😉


  8. Tamara Woods says:

    That's my favorite line too! I'm so glad you liked it, and thank you so much for having me .


  9. Damn. Awesome beautiful amazing words. Seriously I'm blown away and want to write more but have nothing to say that is more powerful than your words Tamara.


  10. Lizzi R says:

    Ohhhhh is it? Really truly? That's so cool. I LOVE love that line.

    Thank YOU for being part of this. I'll pimp you better over the weekend – promise.


  11. Jean says:

    wow Tamara your words and your entire being are beautiful and powerful –thank you so much! jean xox


  12. Whoa. Quite compellingly written, ma'am.


  13. Tamara, the more of your poems I read, the more I like them! You are so good at conjuring up scenes, telling stories with so few words. Congrats on your book!

    BTW, like yours, my first book took a long time to come 12 years of writing, and then some more before I did anything with it.


  14. Tamara Woods says:

    Thanks Yvonne. It's good to know that I'm not the only one who took so long to write her first book. Daunting task, but well with it.


  15. Tamara Woods says:

    Thank Rachel! You've probably read the oldest of writing from me.


  16. Tamara Woods says:

    Jean, thank you you so much. What a lovely thing to say.


  17. Tamara Woods says:

    Kristi, you telling me that I blew you away is a huge compliment in itself. Thank you.



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