Design takes place whilst world bares winter’s bones
To rework, change and shift the shape of stones
Gouging through the sullen, clotted earth
Hoping for this land to find its worth

Rise and shine in th’morn of cloudless day
Sweet January’s sun to warm the way
Gradually the layers of clothes discard
Back bent, in the garden, working hard

Forearms, biceps marked and streaked with mud
Aiming to lose sweat but never blood
I plod, the muscles twanging, joints may ache
Effort here expent for beauty’s sake

Half-done we stop to give our bodies rest
A sup of lunch consumed, we pause; digest
Then back outside with smiles and words that match
Continuing to transform our little patch

Earth turned and roiled and dug with brand-new spade
The satisfying snick of silver blade
Heralds transformation slow revealed
Proven worth our efforts truly yield

Not yet complete; we need another day
Restoring order to this disarray
Breath steams now, stars shine bold
My hands are red and grasped in nighttime’s cold

Shivering I pause, endarkened, and look back
Pleased with the progress I can track
Knowing well ere not too many suns
It will be finished – landscaping done.


10 comments on “Landscaping

  1. Zoe Byrd says:

    For a gal who abhors the cold you really know how to make a barren winter seem alluring…


  2. Lizzi R says:

    I'm good with words. I was VERY cold afterwards. But achieve-y 🙂


  3. Change is definitely our only constant!!! And we've nothing to do but accept that…sharing for ya babe!


  4. Jean says:

    that is lovely–thank you. Glad I got to see/read/and will remember/ it.

    jean xox


  5. Lizzi R says:

    Now that's pretty poetic in itself! I like it – change is our only constant. AWESOME


  6. Lizzi R says:

    Thank you so much Jean-Genie 🙂


  7. bethteliho says:

    I read this earlier but couldn't comment (apple + BlogSpot = no good). I spent last Friday in the garden so I could relate, and loved the way you wrote this! Shared it. xoxo


  8. Lizzi R says:

    Aw thanks 😀

    The ol' Montague/Capulet divide strikes again, huh? Good grief those two have gotta start speaking!

    What were you up to? Mine's like the Somme now, there's that much mud! Still, new patio in the works.


  9. Tamara Woods says:

    Sounds like such satisfying work: toiling the soil and shaping your garden.


  10. Lizzi R says:

    Satisfying, but terrifyingly hard work. And with much still to do.



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