Last Years Resolution

Another year starting-
Im still here,
as are you…
just goes to prove
you never know.

It always pays
to pick and choose
who you decide to listen to.
Get yourself a few real people
and hold on tight.

If you do it right
You can make ’em last
a lifetime.


12 comments on “Last Years Resolution

  1. Lizzi R says:

    *HUGS* i hope to see the same written by you next year, too…


  2. Zoe Byrd says:

    We shall see what the next year brings… yes? Every moment…


  3. Lizzi R says:

    *falls over crossing fingers, knocking wood, standing on her toe and crossing herself all at once*


  4. Zoe Byrd says:

    hahahahha … yeah Im not posting this one anywhere else… I don't want to freak anyone out accidentally… I post things like this and get calls … “Youre not in the hospital are you?”


  5. Lizzi R says:

    *shrugs* People care about you. Lots.


  6. Zoe Byrd says:

    I very much appreciate it…the worry just gets well…. worrisome… tiresome? …. dunno…


  7. Lizzi R says:


    I can appreciate that.

    Sometimes nice to just vent into (relatively) empty space and know that no-one too close is around to catch the words and turn them into Something More.


  8. Lizzi R says:

    *more hugs. Non-cloying ones*


  9. Shamu Boo says:

    You can pick your friends and your can pick your friend's nose but you can't pick your nose. Oh rats! I always mess that one up.


  10. Zoe Byrd says:

    Dork. Nose pickin dork…I pick you.


  11. Jean says:

    xox love you! me



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