I step into the silence,
The nights are black out here.
The planet curves in a visible arc overhead.
I watch the night clouds move past twinkling pinpoints of light.

Peaceful sanctuary,
despite the bone-chilling cold-
forcing me to walk backward into the night.
                                                                   I brace myself against the assaulting wind.

Quiet movement in the periphery-
foot prints in the virgin snow.
Inhabitants of the night flee to
make way for the intruder.

I will never belong-
Forever the outsider.
They will always flee,
though for eternity I will revel at the site of them.

birds & mice



5 comments on “untitled

  1. psychochef says:

    Z, I like your closing stanza very much. I also like how you reframe the idea of being an outsider.


  2. Reading this, I really identified with the feeling of being an outsider, but still enjoyed the pleasure of watching from the outside (if that makes sense). 😉


  3. Agreed – love the last stanza especially. 🙂



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