This is a photo of my parents. It features center stage on my refrigerator… The second poem was inspired by all of the photos being magnetically held to my fridge. The first one is fairly self explanatory. Z~

The View From Here
My mother
sat by my side
as I drove past the school
I attended as a child.
The school yard
divided neatly in four,
was the same
and yet so different.
My vision skewed
by size and youth,
It was far too expansive then.
I could never throw a ball
clear across 
the cement playing field.
The stairs no longer
appear insurmountable.
Then I turn-
I see my mother.
This point of view
has somehow
worked in reverse.
No longer unassailable,
or larger than life,
is not hers to pretend.
When did she become so small?

Refrigerator Dancers

Black and white glossies in spectator shoes and woolen coats
Give way to pursed lipped kisses in the Coupe, long legs posed like Betty.
She’ll go with him in uniform—she, still one dimensional lacking hue.
Little does he know, he’s a pinup too. He’s doing the icebox waltz.

Time passage yields little faces grouped in hats and mittens in the snow.
Chevy’s occupy the background, gold and avocado greens dominate the kitchen landscape.
The puppy planet, held by apple green magnets, inhabits a prominent spot mid-door.

The budding artist–offspring, not of Betty and her mate but the generation next.
Daddy’s art work is long gone, committed to the memory of a sentimental storyteller.
Toothless school photos yield to the performing arts—drama and dance recitals
Holidays illustrated in detail, gifts and tables set with heirlooms from the icebox days.
Commencement depicts another generation advancing in polaroid
Until they too step aside, making room for the next refrigerator dancers. z~

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6 comments on “FAMILY

  1. Considerer says:

    I love the second one. Not sure I followed it all, but it took me away on flights of wordstacy 🙂


  2. zoe says:

    Oooooo new word!


  3. Shamu Boo says:

    The first one is a nice narrative POV encounter and the 2nd reads a bit like a classic old country song.


  4. bethteliho says:

    oh that first one got me! when I'm with my dad it kills me how small and fragile he looks, not at all like I remember him from my childhood memories. And when I drive through my childhood neighborhood, it just kills me how perspective changes things.

    Your second one was such a word-visual-buffet! Loved it.


  5. zoe says:

    Thanks pardner.


  6. zoe says:

    Word visual buffet! Love that term! Thanks!



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