For Lizzie and Hers

The day will come
When our souls merge in a supernova

of unconditional love
When I sing for you the unsung lullabies
And mesmerise your sense of wonder with untold fairy tales
When you hear me say
“I love you,”
When you reach for my face
And I kiss yours in gratitude

The day will come
All of this will come

When we meet again

xo Z~


9 comments on “

  1. Considerer says:

    Thank you so much for this. Reading it a second time through tears, because it's so beautiful, and so what I want, and because I wish it was now.


  2. Shamu Boo says:

    Very intense and lovely.


  3. Yes, said perfectly… so very beautiful! I too wait for that day to come.


  4. zoe says:

    Thanks Freddie.


  5. zoe says:

    your comment on Lizzi's blog inspired this. you two are in my thoughts Thank You ,Josie.


  6. psychochef says:

    Every word is perfect. Beautiful. Tears.



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