One Silly, One Sad, Both True

Deadly Nitrates

Ask any vegetarian
what they miss the most
They will tell you, “bacon.”

Ask any cancer patient
what frustrates them the most
They will tell you, “the exhaustion.”

Ask me how I want to die
I will tell you,
“From the sheer exhaustion
of eating too much bacon.”

The Truth

 I think of my dying moments

I want to be alone
There was a time it was different

There’s nothing for me in the long goodbye-
in the effort to restrain the tears
of both sadness and relief.

 There would have been none of that with you-

only the heart of a true friend and lover,
and the honesty such intimacy brings.

 I wanted you to face this with me-

you, the one I chose long ago,
the one I love like no other.

 But then I think of your passing-

how I couldn’t go with you.
We all face this alone.




15 comments on “One Silly, One Sad, Both True

  1. Margit Sage says:

    Wow, “The Truth” really hit me hard. Well done.


  2. psychochef says:

    The last stanza of “Deadly Nitrates” cracked me up. Tomorrow, I will have a BLT in your honor.


  3. Christine says:

    These are both great! The first one felt joyful and irreverent, but the second… wow, that was touching but hard-hitting.

    And, it's been a pleasure participating in OctPoWriMo with you!


  4. Shamu Boo says:

    Bacon and lonely death. The acronym for that is BALD. Are you trying to tell me something? Wonderful job on both pieces. Not too surprised about the dying alone thing.


  5. Considerer says:

    Ouch! I feel the loneliness in the second one, very keenly indeed. Amazingly evocative writing.


  6. Ron Potter says:

    The contrast of the two pieces struck me as funny. The lust for salt and the ambivalence of death. But with the touch of the personal loss and grief. Yes.


  7. Christine says:

    The first one cracked me up. You know we have a soft spot for all things bacon. 🙂
    The second one hit me. A wonderful man from our church passed away Saturday night (We are good friends with the family.) and all I can think about is his wife. They've been married for almost 50 years, and they were such a great example of a loving couple.


  8. zoe says:

    Thank You Margit.


  9. zoe says:

    now don't go ruining it with all those healthy vegetables!


  10. zoe says:

    Christine been a pleasure getting to know you as well. I made sure to save it your site so I could go back and check in see what your writing.


  11. zoe says:

    yeah you're right they were about you. That first one was my subtle way of saying you're such a ham. Thanks as always Freddie!


  12. zoe says:

    thanks Lizzie. I realize now that I'm doing the comments on these that I may have fallen out of our sync did I?


  13. zoe says:

    thanks Ron I really enjoyed reading your poetry this month. I'm not always a great commentor because my android kinda stinks but I read just about all of your stuff and it's really great. Thanks for coming over to read mine.


  14. zoe says:

    strangely enough I thought about you when I wrote the first one. I'm sorry about your friend . I couldn't imagine 50 years and then turning around and someone's gone. it's hard enough at less than half those years.


  15. Considerer says:

    No idea, but I had nothing prepared, so it's fine.



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