IT’S A TWO-FER!!!!! Octpowrimo: Days 16 & 17



This is a repost… running a bit late, sorry if you’ve already read it….
It was an entry to a contest that for some reason was never judged. So I guess I didn’t win and still own the rights to it! Ha!
The contest was to write a poem for an art project that was focused on the protectors of the Earth.

Protectors of the Earth

Spirits, shaman, goddess, healers
The defenders of the Mother,
Guard the elemental lives of all her children.

The fauna and the trees
Harmonize with the Keeper of the Song.
Cave Dancers pirouette through the mountains.

The essence of life

Gives rise to the conscious soul,

Under the watchful eye of the Guardians.

The antlered Forest Dweller 

Takes a chance exposing her heart

Her soul made transparent and open to life.

The children of oceans and rivers,

Bear the patiently worn stones of time

Deep within their embrace.

As the night planet begins its long decline past the horizon,

The Moonshiner tucks her light away for safe keeping.

The Animal Charmer sings her nocturnal wards to sleep.

While the Dawn arrives on butterfly wings,

The Diviner meditates with a loving mind

On what this day could bring.

The potential of each new day,

Greeted by the Champions of Mother Earth-

Her tribal spirit bourn upon the souls of all living things.  z~


The prompt is “things unsaid…” I have a bit of a thank you that has been said several times and ways but never best said…until now.



We lack affiliation
We share a common bond

We don’t have mutual ancestry

You are my brother
With your brother gone

you eschewed a vow
so that you might take me into your heart

Thank you.


7 comments on “IT’S A TWO-FER!!!!! Octpowrimo: Days 16 & 17

  1. seekingmeme says:

    Protectors of Earth is so rich with imagery. I really like it!


  2. Zoe Byrd says:

    Oh thanks…. I have to admit I drew heavily from the original sculptures. Im still puzzled as to why the gallery never decided the contest.


  3. Jean says:

    I didn't ever get that far. I wrote my aquaintance who runs the gallery and asked him about the contest. I am hoping he doesn't read this. I asked him when the winners would be announced and he said. MONDAY. This was about two days from when I wrote him. I was expecting to hear from you that YOU had won, I didn;t even enter because when I saw what you wrote I looked at the thing I had been working on and said, “Jean, go no further. Zoe has this one,” As far as I am concerned, you won that. I am not pursuing it…who the heck know why people do the things they do. You absolutely blew me out of the water with this. xox jean


  4. Zoe Byrd says:

    oh Jean thank you … I appreciate your confidence… no worries about the contest part… I figure for an agency to bail something musta happened… so it doesn't matter. Things happen all the time. Thanks so much for always reading! love you too, Z~


  5. shamuboo says:

    Ah, yes. So wonderful both pieces. Glad you are writing so much. Always so enjoyable.


  6. Zoe Byrd says:

    Danka Fredster… you too mr. Bud.


  7. Katia says:

    I loved reading this. I this is going to totally fascinate and ignite my four-year-old's imagination if I share this with him!



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