Let it be unsaid

There’s something that I sometimes think I might try to say
When the conversation turns towards the right kind of sway
But I write around in circles, never say what I mean
Cause the fear of those words ever really being seen
It’s nothing freaked, I promise, just a deep admiration
For someone I esteem beyond imagination
Yet whenever I try to say it my heart screams out for protection
Scared beyond belief of facing up to rejection
And so it goes unsaid, and yet between those lines
Of what is said and not, there is emotion to find
L is for the way I really now need to leave
O is for ‘Oh dear a lot’ I cannot believe that
V is very close to saying the thing I intend
E is for imminently, unspoke, the end.
Why can’t I convey such a simple sentiment?
Oh it’s a mess and a thing to lament
You kinda sorta ‘get’ me and the thing I don’t say
Reckon I’ll just leave it there now – ‘kay?


17 comments on “Let it be unsaid

  1. Zoe Byrd says:

    OMG Lizzi, I wish I wrote this! It reminds me a bit of SHel Silverstien…. coincidentally, it fits the octpowrimo prompt for today… weird… unless of course you knew that?!


  2. Considerer says:

    Of whom? And no, I didn't. I just wrote it because I've been fannying around and not been able to say a thing straightforwardly and have been overthinking it. For a long time.

    So I overthought a way around it. And now it's said, somewhere, I no longer have to say it.

    (Speak to Clark for a more comprehensive understanding of what all that *gestures above* was…)


  3. Christine says:

    Did you just say you don't know Shel Silverstien???!?!?! Holy cow! He is a beyond famous children's author/poet. You would love him! Two favorites: The Giving Tree is a story about the relationship between a boy and a tree. Then there's Where the Sidewalk Ends. A collection of poems which are so funny. Actually, my opossum acrostic was loosely inspired by one of his poems about a boa constrictor. Look him up NOW!

    OH, and about your poem. So awesome. Why is it so hard to say things to people we admire? No, we (or is it just me) just prance around like a little puppy, just wanting to be noticed by the person. And when I do speak, it is something completely stupid. I hate that.


  4. Zoe Byrd says:

    Ok I am with Christine here… Google him NOW! He is so your speed (she said as if she knows you…)


  5. Considerer says:

    Really? So he's like a Big Deal then! I shall certainly go and look him up if he inspired your Opossum acrostic. I've never, ever heard the name until this day!

    And as to your last, that's where you get all scottian. And I do not 😀 Not often, anyways.


  6. Considerer says:

    Okay, I will! He sounds like a Big Deal, so I'll give his poetry a try 🙂


  7. Considerer says:

    Just looked him up. He's pretty good but also pretty silly. I did like The Unicorn.


  8. Zoe Byrd says:

    He can be silly as he is often geared toward children but at times he also has a lighthearted way of addressing some tough stuff . Do you know the unicorn song? That poem is a children's song.


  9. Considerer says:

    Nope. Another thing I don't know 😀 There's lots of that about today…


  10. Zoe Byrd says:

    There are worse things of which to be in the dark… for example not to act out said song while standing on a closed toilet seat and jumping up and down when mimicking the kangaroo verse only to break the seat and crash into the bowl and break your ankle… uh huh… there are worse things not to be aware of…yessiree…


  11. Considerer says:

    oh YOW! You never did, did you?


  12. Zoe Byrd says:

    No actually my best friend did…we were about 7 and she wanted to see what she looked like doing the song so she stood on the seat to raise up to the bathroom mirror level and went crashing into the toilet! But I let her do it which was just as stupid!


  13. Considerer says:

    Good grief!

    That said, when I was almost certainly older and should've known better, I thought I'd test the awesomeness of my new shoes by balancing lightly and gracefully on the tip of a rusty old nail poking out of a plank of wood, and leap beautifully off again. You can guess how that went – casualty, X-rays and a tetanus shot *sigh*


  14. First? You are amazing. And I reckon that whatever it is that you want to leave right there, right now, will be okay with all of the everybodys that you choose to connect with who get you so much more than you'll ever know…until maybe, one day you are you, in time, and realize how much you get all of them and the future thems right back. And that my lovely and talented friend, is what matters. Totally and completely.
    Beautifully written. Bravely said. So much perfect.


  15. Considerer says:

    Thank you for such wonderful feedback 🙂


  16. LOVE this so much!! Beautifully woven.


  17. Considerer says:

    Thank you 🙂 A lot of thought went into not saying this 😀



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