Two Shoes Tuesday and Octpowrimo…Two Birds…One Proverbial Stone…

It”s a double header: octpowrimo  and Two Shoes Tuesday

lay a little limerick on me…

Henrietta When She Died

When Henry up and died
Most people really just sighed
She was loud and brass
And really quite crass
so not surprisingly, very few cried

Henry had a few vices
She drank, swore and could be derisive
But the thing that most grate
on people to date
was she could be so indecisive

Decisions were not her forte
and they made her run late everyday
cuz she couldn’t decide
and I tell you no lie
For her funeral she’d be late one day

Well that day did finally arrive
Was the prediction really contrived?
That she’d be late
 for this important date?
She would be if she were alive!

The undertaker came unaware
of the curse on the cargo he bared
So when the pallbearers dropped it
He just couldn’t stop it
She arrived late to her funeral, I swear! Z~


26 comments on “Two Shoes Tuesday and Octpowrimo…Two Birds…One Proverbial Stone…

  1. Ron Potter says:

    Well done, funny and true to the limerick and the lady called Henry.


  2. Linda Roy says:

    Oh my gosh! What a story. Great job!


  3. Shah Wharton says:

    I great limerick! 🙂


  4. Jim says:

    That is sooo cute, Zoe. You know, people like this are a bit pathetic. I had a friend, Julie, who was all messed up. We always said “he would be late for his own funeral.”

    He was!!! He died in Wisconsin while visiting with his girl friend's parents. His funeral came but no Julie. His body was stuck at the airport up there in a snow storm delay. It should be here to Houston before the end of the day. It was, we waited at his favorite bar until then for a viewing, but his funeral was done.

    At his eulogy another friend told about how the ladies really like Julie. He said that was evidenced by his four ex-wives being at his funeral. We all chuckled. I knew three of them.


  5. Considerer says:

    Bloody awesomely done. Hats off to you


  6. zoe says:

    thanks Ron it's definitely not one of my classier moments but it was fun to write


  7. zoe says:

    thanks loads Linda. I supposed to make the rounds but looking forward to getting over to ellroy's.


  8. zoe says:

    thank you so much!


  9. zoe says:

    oh my gosh Jim….funny story! I once went to the wrong funeral I guess that's just as bad.


  10. zoe says:

    Well thanks!


  11. zoe says:

    That comment just invites being read with a British accent!


  12. zoe says:

    Hey, thanks loads!


  13. McGuffy Ann says:

    This reminds me of the stories my Grampy told! Thanks! Good job!


  14. zoe says:

    he sounds like he could be a fun guy!


  15. oldegg says:

    It is curious that a persons irritations when alive become endearing when they are gone. It is another way we grieve for them. Lovely tale.


  16. Christine says:

    That was gorgeous! Astounding, amazing amounts of good!


  17. shamuboo says:

    I suppose many of us are late to our own births but few to the funeral. A punctual corpse is a corpse just the same.


  18. Zoe Byrd says:

    yeah its so true…death all of a sudden gives everyone a lift up on the proverbial pedestal.


  19. Zoe Byrd says:

    Thanks Christine! THanks so much for the visits…


  20. Zoe Byrd says:

    Yeah but you might as well put it off for a few more minutes, eh?


  21. psychochef says:

    I love the idea of a gal named Henry.


  22. I am so sorry to come late to the party, but I am sure loving this fun funeral tale, totally clever and a wonderful generator of smiles on this chilly autumn night! Limericks are such fun writing, and this was a great result. A first in Two Shoes Tuesday history and so delighted to have you share it there! 🙂


  23. zoe says:

    I always wanted to be George from the Nancy Drew novels.


  24. zoe says:

    fashionably late is just keeping with the theme!



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