Octpowrimo:days 12 & 13

Haven of protection,
Help me find balance-
welcoming stillness-
Preserve my humanity-
Revive my compassion-
Restore my spirit-
Envelope me in comfort-
Reawaken my empathy-
Rejuvenate my soul-
Just a short respite, please
 so that tomorrow
 I can care again. z~


B cells, C cells

The cacophony of cancer

Follicular, nonfollicular

Folliculee, Follicula

Attacked by a carcinogenic glee club

All I hear now are dirges

Termination, Closure
The cessation of survival
Silent, soundless

Reticent harmony

Forced into the act of living

An evesdropper on my own life

Listening for the sounds of adventure


 joining the moonshine grid…


12 comments on “Octpowrimo:days 12 & 13

  1. The scientific tone of this poem makes the subject seem almost playfully creepy – I don't know if that's what you were going for, but man it was effective!


  2. Daniel Nest says:

    What Natalie said (better than I could).

    The cold, almost indifferent scientific tone juxtaposed with something objectively terrible makes for a powerful one-two punch.


  3. Zoe Byrd says:

    you know, I think poetry is about whatever you see in it so despite what it means to me Im just glad when it makes folks think! Thanks Natalie… so nice to see you here…PS “I got a rock.” Classic! LOL!


  4. Zoe Byrd says:

    Thanks Daniel, I have to get over to your place. Hope your friends fund raiser went well…great cause!


  5. Considerer says:

    Sorry – I know everyone else is all up in the science, but I really like 'Folliculee, Follicula' – it sounds like something from the Jabberwocky


  6. Zoe Byrd says:

    Its called follicular b cell … it reminded me of a line in an old glee club song from high school that was the “folliculee, follicula” part… so no sorry… it wasn't really all that scientific just the name… I guess its a cross of both… I edited out the first line which was “my life began with a funeral…” It was originally a musical dirge sort of thing…


  7. Considerer says:

    I prefer how you did it on the edit, for sure. I like it though. It keeps you slightly off-kilter, and as such has quite high impact.


  8. shamuboo says:

    Both such nice and different poems. For some reason the start of the 2nd one sound like a cheer. “Gimme a B cell, gimmer a C cell!!!” I think it is the cool rhythm of that part that does it.


  9. zoe says:

    it was meant to be pretty lyrical. Who is the guy with an ascot would have such a good poetic catch?


  10. psychochef says:

    “Forced into the act of living
    An eavesdropper on my own life” – that line took my breath away.

    I love the honest, prayerful plea of the “Sanctuary” piece. Sometimes, it is exhausting to *care* – especially when you are a healer.


  11. shamuboo says:

    Actually those 2 things seem to go together pretty well.


  12. Zoe Byrd says:

    yeah, Im feeling pretty fortunate to have a place to rejuvenate at the end of a day… I don't typically feel the emotional drag of work…but I know it has to be there.



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