Octpowrimo: day 11 and a link…

note: Keeping up the Octpowrimo on two sites has been a challenge… (One I might not so humbly add I am UP for! HOOOOAHHHH!)
So I am including a link to yesterday’s entry on ‘rewritten.’
 It’s called WEEPING BUDDHA,
If you want to read it, I hope you get a chance to click over and check it out….
Thanks loads…z~

Here’s today’s entry (a repost):



Secure as I slept,

So out of character to feel sheltered by another’s presence.
Feather light kisses to my closed and trusting eyes—I wake.
“Is it time?Don’t let it be time.
            You don’t fear the quest. There is no self-doubt.
In its place an all-consuming determination to defend those you love, here and gone.
We always anticipated it would be you,
Your arms around me as I slipped away,
My hand in yours.
It was all a set-up, a confidence game of the fates,
We didn’t realize the train was coming,
Or that the roster had changed.
The morning you stepped away
off to places I could only try to understand,
I still believed you’d return.
How foolish to think Jupiter lived by earthly rules,
Hurling bolts of lightning while we brazenly tempted fate.
The strike was made—our destiny sealed,
Impenetrable and unyielding to our impassioned pleas.





16 comments on “Octpowrimo: day 11 and a link…

  1. shamuboo says:

    What a stunning piece. Stop writing so wonderfully because it completely removes my ability to make stupid comments. Well, other than that one.


  2. psychochef says:

    Ah, fate – she makes fools of us all.

    Lovely work, as usual.



  3. “How foolish to think Jupiter lived by earthly rules.” Loved that line. The hubris of the idea, but the humanity in thinking life is fair, the gods are kind, etc. Lovely piece.


  4. bethteliho says:

    poignant, thought provoking, beautifully written. sigh. loved it.


  5. Considerer says:

    OOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooo very cool, lady 😀


  6. Completely beautiful.


  7. Zoe Byrd says:

    I think you may have reached your quota anyway… wouldn't want you to become overdrawn.


  8. Zoe Byrd says:

    fate…fickle bitch.


  9. Zoe Byrd says:

    Thanks Anna… it took me forever to remember who the lightning god was… youd think I would have just googled it…LOL!


  10. Zoe Byrd says:

    oh, thanks so much… I appreciate hearing that…


  11. Zoe Byrd says:

    Thanks , woman! I appreciate your input greatly!


  12. Zoe Byrd says:

    Thanks Kristi… I have read a lot of your blog and will take this as high praise indeed!


  13. Considerer says:

    Oh, we broads! We'll never be bored.


  14. Jean says:

    too beautiful. xox jean


  15. shamuboo says:

    Oh my vault of stupid is well-stocked. I get residuals.



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