I am the Autumn Wind

I trickle myself
Through the dry leaves,
As they whisper furtively.
Then I stop,
Gather myself
And pounce.
I tear off down the road,
Singing a shrill, high song
To rival the morning melodies
Of the birds.

I ruffle people’s hair
By way of greeting
And sometimes
Turn their umbrellas
Inside out
When I dance with Rain.

I like to swoop
Across the open sea
Whipping the surface
Into peaks and troughs,
And then watch
As the waves wash up the shore.
Then I race over the flat sands,
Shrieking and howling
As I scud the gray clouds
Across the sky.

Sometimes I chase my tail,
Whirling around and around
In excitement,
Too involved to stop.
But I am always sorry
For the damage I cause.

And sometimes
I just stop.
And breeze past
Quite sedately.

By Lizzi


4 comments on “I am the Autumn Wind

  1. Christine says:

    I like this! It's playful, and I adore the cat images and the irrepressible wind energy throughout!


  2. Zoe Byrd says:

    I think you caught every bit of the wind imagery there is , Lizzi… I like the thought of tornadoes chasing their tails…


  3. Considerer says:

    You know, I'd never ONCE linked it to the idea of a cat! But I really like that 🙂 Amazing how we can get such different things out of a poem, and see different images when prompted by the same words. That's a very cool observation, thank you.


  4. Considerer says:

    Yes, that appealed to me, too 🙂 It was fun to write (all those years ago – it's from 2001!)



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